How To Buy

1. Choose over a category at our navigation bar located at the top of our page.

2. You can now start shopping by browsing through the catalog you’ve chosen. Click on the item you want to purchase.

3. Click the image for a larger photo view. For orders with different color, kindly select a color. Once all is complete, click on “Add to Cart”.

4. By clicking “Add to Cart” this pop up will appear confirming your product is successfully added to your shopping cart. Click “Proceed to checkout”.

5. Under SUMMARY, you can change the quantity of your item. Click “Proceed to checkout”.

6. Under SIGN IN, fill up any of the two. “Create An Account” if you are not yet registered. “Already Registered?” if you have already an account.

7. Under “ADDRESS” is the confirmation of your Delivery and Billing address. If you want to deliver into different address click “Add a new address”. If you have any instructions, write it on the text box. Click “Proceed to checkout”.

8. Under SHIPPING, click the check box of “I agree to the terms of service and will adhere to them unconditionally.” Click “Proceed to checkout”.

9. Under PAYMENT, select your preferred payment method that you will use. There are different payment method including Cash On Delivery, Paypal, Dragonpay and SmartHub.

10. Once done, this will appear and you will receive an email confirmation from us. Thank You for shopping with us! 

Payment Instructions

How to Pay via Cash on Delivery

1. Select Cash on Delivery on the payment options. Please make sure the delivery address is within the serviceable area. Cash on Delivery is within Metro Manila only.

2. You will be directed to Order Summary page. Please check the important note below. If you are done, click “Confirm my order”.

3. This is a confirmation that your order is now complete. Please check the invoice on your email.

How to Pay via SmartHub Mastercard

1. Select SmartHub Mastercard on the payment options. Selecting SmartHub will automatically direct you to the SmartHub Checkout page.

2. This page will appear and click the Mastercard Logo.

3. Enter details needed to be fill in. Then click “Pay Now”.

How to Pay via Paypal

1. Select PayPal on the payment options. Selecting Paypal will automatically direct you to the Paypal Checkout page.

2. Check if amount indicated is correct, and then login to your Paypal account.

3. Select your fund source and confirm card and payment details by clicking pay now.

4. Wait for the site to process your payment. Do not close the window at this time. Wait for the page to redirect you back to

5. Check your email for your Paypal receipt and invoice. There is no need to email it to us as we automatically receive Paypal notifications once a payment has been made to our account.

How to Pay via Dragonpay

1. Select DragonPay on the payment options.

2. Click “I confirm my order” for order confirmation.

3. You will be directed to the DragonPay page. Select your preferred fund source from the drop-down menu.

4. Take note of the DragonPay generated reference number. Input your email address to receive payment instructions or simplyclick on the link provided. Please note instructions for each Fund Source may differ depending on the bank policy.

5. Check your email for the selected fund source-specific instructions and complete your payment accordingly. Please make sure all steps have been followed, otherwise, payment may be rendered invalid.

6. Pay on your selected bank. Please make sure to take note the Bank, DragonPay Reference Number, Account Number, Account Name and Amount. When deposit is completed, go to the provided link from the instruction, and fill up the details within the same day to validate.

7. Once your payment has been confirmed, you will receive payment confirmation from Dragonpay. This can take up to 24 hours. There is no need to email it to us as we automatically receive Dragonpay notifications once a payment has been successfully confirmed to our account.

Shipping and Delivery 

1. How do you ship your orders?

The shipping courier will depend on where the order will be sent to.

  • Metro Manila deliveries – Cliqnship
  • Provincial – LBC
  • International – TNT & EMS

2. What are your shipping rates?

Shipping rates vary depending on the number of items as well as the shipping location. You can check the shipping rates in the product page.

3. How do I track my order?

Once we sent the tracking number. You can track your delivery in this site .

  • Put the tracking number in “EXPRESS TRACK”. Click “TRACK NOW”.

  • You can check the status of your delivery.



NOTE: For provincial, there is another tracking number/other waybill No. that you can track on

4. How can I track Provincial or International orders?

5. Here’s the details of your item. If you have questions, you can directly call LBC Customer Service.

6.  For International orders, go to TNT or EMS.